Active Group


Public Relations (PR)

In some cases, public relations can be more powerful than advertising. It always depends on the way the processes in this area are managed and how the goals are set.

Active Group, for more than 20 years, has been working for leading companies in Bulgaria and has a team of proven specialists in the field of:

Crisis prevention and management

Active Group’s proactive approach guarantees security, predictability and stability for our clients.

Special events

Active Group’s many years of experience in organizing events allows to build a complete concept for your event and to execute it in a short time with extremely high results.

Complex projects

Our team has innovative thinking and know-how in the execution of many complex projects.

We believe that by paying attention to detail and taking into account the specifics of each area, we can solve even the most complex tasks and challenges.

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Свържете се с нас

Силата е във Вашата идентичност.