Ministry of State Administration and Administrative Reform
Operational Programme Administrative Capacity

The context
o After Bulgaria’s accession to the EU, our country received the right to be financed by the European structural and Cohesion funds for the period 2007 – 2013.
o Operational Program Administrative Capacity is one of the 7 operational programs that are entitled to financing from the European funds.
o Our client, the Ministry of State Administration and Administrative Reform, has the management and control of OPAC execution.
o The successful execution of OPAC is to ensure a flexible, educated and transparent administration and effective judiciary system.

The challenge
o Since prior EU members had good working administrations, there is lack of any experience concerning such programs both in the EU and in Bulgaria.
o Lack of good practice and experience to share.
o In short terms to get to know this matter in its completeness and help in the smooth functioning of the Programme.
o To ensure adequate approach and message to the multiple specific audiences and the general public.

The solution
o With this institutional client we applied our best practices from commercial clients, entering new markets.
o We created the corporate identity of the operational program, planned and executed fully integrated campaign – TV, radio, press and internet.
o To reach the specific target audiences, we organized 38 seminars in 9 locations throughout the country.
o Our slogan says it all: “OPAC. Experts in action”.

The result
o OPAC was announced the most successful operational program in the country by two officals of the European Commission: “OPAC is the most successful and transparent operational program in Bulgaria.”, Philip Bush, General Directorate “Employment, social affairs and equal opportunities of the EU; „The execution of Operational program Administrative Capacity so far … is a compliment to… its Governing Body”, David Coyne, Director of General Directorate “European social fund, Monitoring of Corresponding National Policies I, Coordination” o Thanks to OPAC’s transparency its projects reached a very high success rate: 100% consumption of the funds allotted for 2007 and preliminary utilization of part of the 2008 funds.

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