Victory for Austria

Victory: Product visibility in Austria

The context
o Bulgartabac enters the Austrian market with the Victory Exclusive brand.
o In Austria, same as in the EU, there are restrictions for smoking in public places.
o Declining number of smokers due to high prices of cigarettes.
o The task: – To stimulate trial and initial purchase; – Start-in of establishment of brand image and awareness.

The challenge
o Highly competitive market with brands established throughout the years.

The solution
o To make insightful positioning which corresponds to the target audience (men) and allows creation of attractive key visual.
o Product positioning: Victory Exclusive is the brand that offers me pleasure and freedom covered in aroma and quality. Victory Exclusive is my way to touch freedom, to control the situation and to experience the pleasure of quality tobacco. I foretaste the delight of my next cigarette.

The result
o All the different formats ensured excellent product visibility.

Victory for Austria Victory for Austria
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