RAMA In-store Activation

RAMA In-store Activation

November-December 2006

The context
o The margarine market is highly competitive and the various brands are struggling every day for their target audiences.
o Rama is the leading brand of Unilever and the target audience is women with high income, able to meet their daily needs.
o They are not the typical promotion participants, usually do not respond to invitations for promotions, and are not interested in the awards offered to them, because they can buy them themselves.

The challenge
o To attract these women.
o To develop emotional bond between them and Rama brand by showing that we care for their little pleasures.
o To create non-conventional tools that will make the product more visible on the counter.
o To improve women’s mood without excessive promises.
o To achieve all this in big stores full of competitive advertisements and without budget for media announcement.

The solution
o The communication campaign was concentrated in the stores and we made visible enough by marking the consumers’ way from the store entrance to the Rama shelf with POS materials.
o Thus we created Rama atmosphere for the clients as soon as they enter the store.
o We courted the women with small things they can use in their daily life instead of giving them big gifts they can buy themselves.

The result
o Distinctive branding in all big chains of stores in the country.
o Intensive word-of-mouth communication.
o Average growth of Rama weekly sales was +163% !

RAMA In-store Activation RAMA In-store Activation RAMA In-store Activation RAMA In-store Activation RAMA In-store Activation
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