Ministry of Environment and Waters

Ministry of Environment and Waters
Operational Programme “Environment”

November, 2007

The contex
o After Bulgaria’s accession to the EU, our country received the right to be financed by the European Structural and Cohesion funds for the period 2007-2013.
o Operational Programme “Environment” has a strategic goal of improving, sustaining and restoring the natural environment and developing of the ecological infrastructure.
o The three strategic goals of the programme represent the three pillars of development: – Preservation, improvement and development of the waters in the country; – Improvement and development of waste management and soil protection; – Preservation and restoration of biodiversity and nature.
o Our task was to develop a logo, slogan and elements of corporate identity, so that the goals of the Operational Programme become clear in easy and accessible way.
o Besides the ones directly involved in the Operational Programme the target audience is the whole Bulgarian society.

The challenge
o To offer a simple humanistic representation of the essence of the Operational Programme.
o To avoid technicalities and be easy to understand.
o To change the perception of the Operational Programme as one dealing more with nature and preservation than with industry and construction.

The sollution
o To illustrate the three pillars separately in one logo so that each is in harmony with the others and is an indispensable part of the whole.
o The message „Solutions for a better life” illustrated the essence of the Programme.

The result
o We have simple, clear logo that conveys a story.
o The logo was very well accepted on an international conference in London where it was presented for the first time.
o Currently the logo is the face of the Operational Programme.

Ministry of Environment and Waters Ministry of Environment and Waters
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