A journey at home

Ministry of Economy and Energy Campaign in support of the domestic tourism

July-October 2008

The context
o While Bulgaria is spending money to advertise itself as a good tourist destination abroad, Bulgarians forgot to travel in their own country.
o 2.5 mln. Bulgarians out of 7 mln. do spend their holidays abroad.
o The Bulgarians spend solid amounts of money outside Bulgaria; the spending of the foreign tourists in the country decreases.
o The Bulgarian tourists are an unused potential and if they choose our country for spending their holidays, their money will be invested in the Bulgarian economy.
o The Agency tasks: – To create name, logo and slogan of the campaign; – To prepare and execute national print campaign.

The challenge
o To bring the Bulgarian tourists back to Bulgaria.
o To reach as many Bulgarians as possible.

The solution
o To provoke the patriotic feeling and the passion for discovery of our own country.
o To convey simple truths about Bulgaria without superfluous pathos: – There are many unexplored and beautiful places in Bulgaria that are worth seeing; – The rich historical past we don’t know much about; – Something for everyone during each season of the year; – Bulgaria is close enough and at affordable price; – The more we know our country, the more we love it.
o The concept was implemented in the slogan “A journey at home”.
o We approached for a partner the Union of the Publishers in Bulgaria (UPB), whose editions to publish our print ads. UPB has more than 90 editions with different audience and format and we reached more than 90 ads with special discount for the Client.

The result
o The campaign ran untill the end of October, together with the campaign for energy efficiency.
o Both campaigns change the face of MEE and set the beginning of its new policy. These campaigns show how the problems can be solved in human and understandable way.

A journey at home A journey at home A journey at home A journey at home
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