Campaign for energy efficiency

Ministry of Economy and Energy (MEE)
Campaign for energy efficiency

June-October 2007

The context
o Compared to the other EU members, the Bulgarian economy wastes more energy.
o For common Bulgarian the energy responsibility starts and ends with the paying of the electricity bill.
o The Bulgarians usually do not consider the surplus number of running lamps or electric appliances.
o The campaign of MEE aims to educate the people to be responsible towards the environment and to give personal example.
o Our tasks: – To create corporate identity of the campaign – name, logo and slogan; – To prepare and execute national print campaign.

The challenge
o To make people understand that saving energy means not only save money but save the nature and its sources because they are limited.
o To make people understand that small changes in thinking and behaviour now will lead to significant results in the future.

The solution
o We focused on provoking the feeling of responsibility towards the nature, environment and other people.
o To make the print campaign look clear, modern and attractive for all target audiences.
o The concept was implemented in the slogan: “Save energy to have nature”.
o We approached for a partner the Union of the Publishers in Bulgaria (UPB), whose editions to publish our print ads. UPB has more than 90 editions with different audience and format and we reached more than 350 ads with special discount for the Client.

The result
o The campaign ran untill the end of October, together with the campaign for domestic tourism.
o This is the first campaign that changes the face of MEE and shows the human side of nature problem and its solution.

Campaign for energy efficiency Campaign for energy efficiency
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