BTC Group
Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign Corporate Identity

September 2008

The context
o BTC Group is a Bulgarian telecom company providing both fixed and mobile telephony.o To support their image as a responsible member of the society BTC Group undertook a joint CSR initiative with one of the biggest online HR agencies (Jobtiger.bg) and a NGO (Blagotvoritel).
o The goal of the project is to support teenagers (16-18) from orphanages in their real live realization.
o The core problem: These children lack the support of the family and underestimate their abilities.

The challenge
o To make these children believe that they are as good as other people.
o To create logo and slogan that children would embrace as their own.

The solution
o To make these children believe they can and say it out loud.
o The slogan is clear: “I can. I’m as good as anybody else.”
o Production of branded backpacks, badges, cups, t-shirts, hats, pens, folders, organizers and pastels.

The result
o The kids responded extremely positive to the campaign’s key message.
o The slogan perfectly matches with the goals of the initiative.
o It will be used as a platform on the long run.

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